Indio Festivals Artist Transportation


When it comes to transporting artists, talent, and crew, BlackStar stands out with unparalleled expertise and dedication to service. With extensive experience in music festivals and artist transportation, we understand the unique needs and demands of both talent and festivals alike.

Our team is fully equipped to handle every aspect of artist transportation, from A-party to C-party and beyond. This includes comprehensive services such as site visits, dry runs, and route planning, as well as managing budgets, estimates, and logistics. Each project is assigned a dedicated point person, ensuring direct lines of communication and prompt resolution of any concerns.

Many of our team members come from live event backgrounds, allowing them to seamlessly interact with tour staff and ensure a professional and comfortable experience for all involved. Our close relationship with the festival allows us to work directly with artist relations for the smoothest process. 

We take pride in our solution-based service approach, capable of effortlessly handling any last-minute changes or challenges. With contingency planning and standby vehicles readily available, we ensure that the show always goes on without a hitch.

Rest assured, our experienced and reliable chauffeurs prioritize safety and security above all else. You can trust BlackStar to deliver artists and their teams to the stage on time, every time.