The entire team at BlackStar is focused on providing an exceptional experience to our clients in a safe environment, with COVID-19 we have increased some of preparations before each reservation. BlackStar is adhering to the latest guidelines provided by State and Federal health officials to help ensure the safest ride possible for our clients. 

  • Chauffeurs are required to let BlackStar know if they have any symptoms of Covid-19 or have recently tested positive. If so they are asked to stay home.
  • Chauffeurs will wear a mask in accordance to State mask policies.
  • Vehicles are sanitized with EPA approved disinfectants prior to each reservation starts.
  • Chauffeurs will have hand sanitizer on hand for them and our guests to use. BlackStar will continue to adapt as the world is opening back up more and more. If you have any concerns or special requests in regards to COVID please connect with our team members.